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Year 6

You may find this information about the National Curriculum helpful:


Important Learning    

Autumn 1- Get me out of here! (Maps and Fieldwork)

Autumn 2- Islamic Civilisation

Spring 1- Vikings/ SATS Boosters

Spring 2- Vikings/ SATS Boosters

Summer 1- Space Race/ Astronaut Training

Summer 2- Space Race/ Astronaut Training


Reading and Homework

Literacy homework is sent out on Monday and due back in on Thursday.

Numeracy homework is sent out on Friday and due back in on Monday.

Read for 10 minutes every night, you can read a book, a newspaper, a magazine, or on a tablet. Don't forget to sign your Champion Reading Record to earn your Go Tickets.



In Year 6 children study a play by Shakespeare, and a range of different novels by significant authors. They learn to write in a wide variety of genres or recap these styles which include story writing, letter writing (formal and informal), journalistic and persuasive writing, chronological and non-chronological reports, diary writing, descriptive and explanation writing.


Children are expected to use a neat and legible handwriting style and ensure that words are spelled correctly.



In maths children revise previous topics as well as learning more about

  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Probability
  • Shape Space and Measure
  • Data Handling


Children consolidate, refine and develop further strategies of mental calculation, solving problems with several steps, applying maths to real and pretend problems.



The British Music Experience

France residential in July

After SAT’s enrichment programme


Be prepared in Y6

  • Have your homework, book bag, snack, and lunch
  • Have your PE kit in school
  • Take home letters to your parents!
  • Push yourself, work hard at home, do extra if you can
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