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Pupil Premium and PE Premium

You can find here details of our pupil premium grant and spend for the current academic year 2021/22 and previous academic years.

PE and sport premium funding is also published here.

Pupil Premium Funding - School Year 2021/2022

The grant available from April 2021 to March 2022 is £601,490

The grant available from April 2020 to March 2021 is £582,390

The grant available from April 2019 to March 2020 was £581,380


Summary of Spending Areas

% of funding

Enriching academic learning

  • Very high adult to child ratio for both literacy and numeracy groups across KS2
  • Booster classes and additional learning groups for both year 6 and year 2 in literacy and numeracy
  • Additional teacher in Y2 and Y3 for nurturing learning for children requiring it 5 x days a week
  • Phonics Catch Up Sessions for Y1 
  • Talk Boost groups for children developing their vocabulary, spoken and written English in years Reception
  • Speech and Language Therapist Provision in Early Years


Enriching curriculum learning

  • Subsidised out of school visits and trips
  • Subsidised in school visitors, workshops and immersion opportunites to develop children's cultural capital
  • Year 6 residential school journey subsidises
  • Musical instrument tuition for every child in the school


Enriching extra-curricular learning opportunities

  • Weekly Talent School (extended day for children)
  • Early morning and after school club provision for pupil premium children
  • Free  musical instrument tuition for those children who are highly committed and talented
  • In school therapeutic provision for children with social, emotional and mental health challenges



PE Premium/Sports Grant

The government give extra funding to schools to be spent on sport in school.

Our Sports Grant for 2021/22 is £23,498

Our aim is to increase sporting opportunities for children regardless of their economic background or ability, and also to improve the quality of the provision they receive at no or very little cost to parents. Click below to read how we spend our PE funding.


Covid Catch Up Premium Funding

The funding allocation for The Orion was £30,260

There have been catch up boosters daily in every year group since March 8th 2021

In-school therapeutic support has been increased to support children who have been adversely affected emotionally throughout the pandemic

Swimming Achievement

Our Y6 children all benefitted from 2 weeks of afternoon swimming lessons where they took part in a crash course of lessons. They were unable to take part in swimming at school due to the first school Covid 19 closure in March 2020. The children all had 10 lessons. Every child made significant progress from their starting point. Some had not been swimming for 2 years due to Covid and some children were complete beginners in the water.

By the end of the 2 weeks the children were assessed.

51% of the cohort were able to swim 25 metres independently

17% of this cohort could swim 50 metres independently

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