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Online Safety

Check out these Platform Guides from National Online Safety

- Remember, the app is for children aged 13+

- If your child's account is public, ANYONE can watch their videos and strangers can follow them

- Comments can be hurtful and upsetting

- Some content is not appropriate for children 

- Some songs have explicit lyrics

- For more information about Tik Tok click here

Passwords security and netiquette

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Parents should have been notified about the latest issue of Vodafone's Digital Parenting magazine.  You can read an online version of the magazine or download it as a PDF file here.


Information and advice to help you

Look out for the CEOP reporting button on the websites that you use, or visit the link below if you are having trouble with cyberbullying.


If you or your child is experiencing bullying at The Orion, please use the Whisper reporting tool. Download the reporting form below. have produced an incredible resource called 'Know It All For Parents'.  This interactive presentation is available in English, Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu, Welsh and British Sign Language.




Keeping up with children’s use of technology is challenging for many adults and it can be hard to supervise what they are viewing & creating online, who they are chatting to and texting, and what they are downloading. Many children may well have better technical skills than the adult but they still need advice and protection when using the internet.


More guides for parents can be found here. Click images to view.


Social media guides for parents
Advice for Parents if your child likes gaming

Some of your children will spend many hours gaming at home. If this is the case, then consideration should be given to the following:

- How long your child spends gaming?

- Is your child playing games rated for their age? Orion children shouldn't be playing games like Grand Theft Auto etc.

- Is having a gaming console in a bedroom disrupting sleep?


Here are some guides to help make sure your children are safe when gaming:



Some video guides for parents

Setting parental controls on YouTube

We at Internet Matters have teamed up with Adele Jennings of to give parents some practical tips on how to keep their children safe online. In this part of our "What is e-safety all about" series Adele share her tips on what you can do to keep your children safe on YouTube.

How To Change Your Privacy Settings On Facebook - Facebook Tutorial

In this video tutorial I show you how to change your Facebook privacy settings. Changing your privacy settings on Facebook will allow you to change who can see your timeline as well as much more.

Instagram - Social Media Safety Guide

Instagram parent safety guide

Snapchat - Social Media Safety Guide

What is Snapchat for parents and teachers

XBOX One Parental Controls Setup

The XBOX One Parental Controls are easy to set up and manage. This video walks you through the process for setting up the controls for privacy and parental controls.

PlayStation 4 Parental Controls Setup

How to set up the PlayStation 4 Parental Controls and Privacy Settings.

How to Set Parental Control in Google Search

This tutorial will show you how to set up parental controls in Google.

Help to make your whole home safe online

Google's internet legends page has lots of useful information to help your family be safe and epic online! Click to view.


The UK's four main Internet Service Providers have joined together to create a shared information site for parents. Click on the image below to find out about some of the ways you can help keep your children safe online.

Internet Service Providers offer parental controls which protect children from inappropriate online content and control when they can access the Internet. Click on your service provider's logo below to find out how to set up these parental controls.


Questions or concerns feedback form

If you are concerned about something you have seen here, something that you feel hasn't been covered or anything to do with Online Safety, feel free to fill in the boxes below and the Orion will try to respond as quickly as possible. Alternatively, come and speak to Mr Remnant.

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