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I Shine Schools

What is an I Shine School?


There are several I-Shine schools that children can take part in. Children who are identified as having a significant strength or talent in an area take part in extra lessons after school or at lunch time in order to develop further.


There are I-Shine Schools in Music, Singing,  Art, Musical Theatre, a range of sports including Football, Basketball, Tag Rugby and Athletics and in some academic areas including Maths and Debating

I-Shine - Debating Team


Massive shout out to the Y6 children who took part in a debating competition at South Hampstead High School. 8 teams of children from Orion and Goldbeaters competed against teams from other schools, mostly private and independent schools from different parts of London. All children enjoyed the experience and 2 teams from The Orion were declared joint winners of the whole competition having won 3 out of 3 debates - UNDEFEATED! The motions they argued for and against were:-

  • Cars should be banned in central London
  • Homework should be banned
  • The world would be a better place if some people had superpowers.


Y5 team are currently in training for their competition in May!

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