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Our Governing Body

Here's where you can find out a bit about our governing body.


Governors have a key role to play in ensuring that our school is successful in our community.

Their aims include:


  • Supporting the children and staff in achieving the school's aims
  • Being an advocate of the school in the wider community
  • Overseeing the school's policies and its use of resources
  • Working with staff to support raising of standards and to improve the quality of education and achievement in the school
  • Understanding and explaining the school's policies to parents when required


Some examples of the areas they help the school in are:


  • Curriculum and standards
  • Pupil Welfare
  • Personnel / Staffing
  • Finance and premises


The governors attend a minimum of one meeting per term and one training / development session per school year. They also attend a school’s committee.

Introducing our governors...


Chris Flathers

Type of Governor: Principal (Headteacher)

Relevant interests: Married to Miss Hindle (pre-existing from before any changes in regulations)


Councillor Gill Sargeant

Type of Governor: Local Authority

Nominated by democratic service

Appointed by Governors

Relevant interests: Trustee of Colindale Community Trust

Re-election date: 06/Feb/2017


Sue Hinton

Type of Governor: Co-opted Chair of Govs

Elected by: Governors

Re-election date: 14/Jul/2019


Debbie Cooney

Type of Governor: Co-opted Vice Chair


Re-election date: 14/Jul/2019


Vicky Dawes

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Elected by: Governors

Relevant interests: Lead Deputy Head, Goldbeaters

Re-election date: 14/Jul/2019


Nicola Young

Type of Governor: Staff

Elected by: Staff Election

Re-election date:11th October 2019


I have been working at the Orion Primary School as a class teacher for 11 years.

Having started as a newly qualified teacher, my role has developed and grown. As well as being a class teacher I have also had a leadership role in Art and Design, Design and Technology, Modern Foreign Languages and our Academy programme. My current role began when the school first expanded from two form entry and I am now the Head of World Learning and Key Stage One Leader, which involves leading all foundation subjects and overseeing the Year 2 SATs assessments.

I became a Governor in 2011 because I was looking for ways I could be further involved and support the school. I am very proud to be part of the Governing Body and the Orion Primary School.


Elizabeth Jane Howard

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Elected by: Governors

Relevant interests: Goldbeaters Support Staff

Re-election date: 14th July 2019


Councillor Nagus Narenthira

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Elected by: Governors

Relevant interests: Governor at Colindale Primary School

Re-election date: 14th Jul 2019


Sarah E Fox

Type of Governor: Parent (Goldbeaters)

Elected by: Parents

Re-election date: 14th March 2018


Ms Tahiya Ali

Type of Governor: Parent (Orion)

Elected by: Parents

Re-election date: 18th Jan 2020


I became a governor because I was inspored by the positive learning attitude at the school and the encouraging effects it had on my children. When I'm not working at the school as a Teaching Assistant, I enjoy spending time with my family and I'm also fascinated by astronomy.

Being part of a wonderful multi-cultural federation makes me proud... the schools are positive, vibrant and outstanding!


Miss Annii Cockings

Type of Governor: Parent

Elected by: Parents

Re-election date: 18th Jan 2020


Hi, I am Annii and was elected as a Parent Governor in December 2015. I am an Artist and graduated with an Applied and Media Arts BA (Hons) Degree in 2002. I have many years of experience working in the educational system from Early Years to Secondary School, I also used to support children with special educational needs and teach vulnerable and disaffected students aged 13-19 that were not in the educational system.

I have an interest in our children’s futures and as a Governor it is important for me to provide the communities views and give a fair input from a parental perspective. I wish to make a positive contribution to our children’s education and help keep the Federation to be known as outstanding.

On my visits to the Schools I have been very impressed with the Federation’s level of high standards and the quest to empower our children. I am very gratified with the staff's way of teaching education in addition to the enthusiasm and encouragement of promoting healthy eating and providing fresh food and free activities for our children. I really like and am proud of the schools ethos of encouraging good eating habits whilst educating and involving parents.

I believe the Gold Star Federation is very exciting and unique establishment and is helping create and empower an incredible future for our children!


Mrs Constance Kirby

Type of Governor: Parent

Elected by: Parents

Re-election date: 18th Jan 2020


Governors who came to the end of their term in the last 12 months



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