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Governing Body

Here's where you can find out a bit about our governing body. 


Governors have a key role to play in ensuring that our school is successful in our community and is accountable to the public for what it does.


Their aims include:


  • Supporting the children and staff in achieving the school's plans and objectives
  • Being an advocate of the school in the wider community
  • Overseeing the school's policies and its use of resources
  • Working with staff to support raising of standards and to improve the quality of education and achievement in the school
  • Understanding and explaining the school's policies to parents when required


Some examples of the areas they help the school in are:


  • Curriculum and standards
  • Pupil Welfare
  • Personnel / Staffing
  • Finance and premises


Working in Committees, Governors make decisions about the running of the school. The governors attend a minimum of one formal governing body meeting per term and one training / development session per school year. Plus they attend general governors committees, finance and premises committee and other committees as required. 

Introducing our governors... currently being updated


Chris Flathers

Type of Governor: Principal (Headteacher)

Relevant interests: Married to Miss Hindle (pre-existing from before any changes in regulations)


Councillor Nagus Narenthira - Chair of Governors

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Elected by: Governors

Relevant interests: Governor at Colindale Primary School

Re-election date: 


Councillor Gill Sargeant

Type of Governor: Local Authority

Nominated by democratic service

Appointed by Governors

Relevant interests: Trustee of Colindale Community Trust

Re-election date: 

As a councillor in Colindale I think it’s important to be involved in the  future education and wellbeing

of children in the area. I was a parent governor of Christs College and was pleased to be invited to join first The Orion and then Orion and Goldbeaters as the schools federated.

In addition as  a Colindale councillor and Trustee of the Colindale Communities Trust I am able to reflect the needs of the local community.

I see my role as supporting the school, the staff, the parents, the  governing body and the headteacher. It has been rewarding to seethe schools grow into both locally and nationally respected institutions.


Sue Hinton

Type of Governor: Co-opted Chair of Govs

Elected by: Governors

Re-election date: 


Debbie Cooney

Type of Governor: Co-opted Vice Chair


Re-election date: 


Vicky Dawes

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Elected by: Governors

Relevant interests: Lead Deputy Head, Goldbeaters

Re-election date: 


Nicola Young

Type of Governor: Staff

Elected by: Staff Election

Re-election date:

I have been working at the Orion Primary School as a class teacher for 11 years.

Having started as a newly qualified teacher, my role has developed and grown. As well as being a class teacher I have also had a leadership role within the school. I am now the Head of World Learning and Key Stage One Leader, which involves leading all foundation subjects and overseeing the Year 2 SATs assessments.

I became a Governor in 2011 because I was looking for ways I could be further involved and support the school. I am very proud to be part of the Governing Body and the Orion Primary School.


Elizabeth Jane Howard

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Elected by: Governors

Relevant interests: Goldbeaters Support Staff

Re-election date: 


Sarah E Fox

Type of Governor: Parent (Goldbeaters)

Elected by: Parents

Re-election date: 


Ms Tahiya Ali

Type of Governor: Parent (Orion)

Elected by: Parents

Re-election date: 

I became a governor because I was inspired by the positive learning attitude at the school and the encouraging effects it had on my children. When I'm not working at the school as a Teaching Assistant, I enjoy spending time with my family and I'm also fascinated by astronomy.

Being part of a wonderful multi-cultural federation makes me proud... the schools are positive, vibrant and outstanding!


Miss Annii Cockings

Type of Governor: Parent

Elected by: Parents

Re-election date: 18th Jan 2020

Hi, I am Annii and was elected as a Parent Governor in December 2015. I am an Artist and graduated with an Applied and Media Arts BA (Hons) Degree in 2002. I have many years of experience working in the educational system from Early Years to Secondary School, I also used to support children with special educational needs and teach vulnerable and disaffected students aged 13-19 that were not in the educational system.

I have an interest in our children’s futures and as a Governor it is important for me to provide the communities views and give a fair input from a parental perspective. I wish to make a positive contribution to our children’s education and help keep the Federation to be known as outstanding.

On my visits to the Schools I have been very impressed with the Federation’s level of high standards and the quest to empower our children. I am very gratified with the staff's way of teaching education in addition to the enthusiasm and encouragement of promoting healthy eating and providing fresh food and free activities for our children. I really like and am proud of the schools ethos of encouraging good eating habits whilst educating and involving parents.

I believe the Gold Star Federation is very exciting and unique establishment and is helping create and empower an incredible future for our children!


Mrs Constance Kirby

Type of Governor: Parent

Elected by: Parents

Re-election date: 


Mr David Satchwell

Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor

Elected by: Governors

Re-election date: 

Hi, I’m Dave and I have been a parent at Goldbeaters Primary School since September 2014 and in 2018 I was elected as a Co-opted school Governor for The Gold Star Federation.

Ever since taking my children through the gates for their first day of school, I have been impressed with the general day to day running of the school, coupled with the ethos that the school promotes and the empowering sense of community that all the staff and pupils are fully committed to.

From attending the regular Friday coffee mornings, being a Parent Helper on school trips, to being asked to help with guided reading sessions in the reception classes, I have been keen to help the school give the children of The Gold Star Federation a happy and positive start to their education.

I wanted to find a way that I could help the Federation in some other way and opportunity to be elected as a governor arose.

When visiting the schools in my capacity as a Governor, I have been impressed with the consistent level of enjoyable teaching that is given by all of the teachers.

I feel very honoured to have been given the opportunity to be part of the Governing Body of two fabulous schools that are renowned for promoting a positive outlook on life, and for encouraging children that anything is possible.


Goldstar Federation