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Vision & Intent

All children will say:


  • I am happy
  • I feel very positive and confident about myself
  • I love learning and make fast progress
  • I know what my talents are and I can do well in them.
  • I have the power to act in a way which shows kindness, positivity and respect.
  • I am socially confident and able to talk with kindness and good manners
  • I play a part in the community and care for everyone

OUR LEARNING METHOD is called: I-Shine Learning


What is it?

The children are immersed in a positive learning environment. Many features of a normal school are in place however, the ethos of positivity, kindness and colour enable pupils to gain an inner happiness and selfless confidence. We have devised the most effective method for our children that works with relevant and exciting our curriculum. The three key areas that we focus on to make it all work are pupils, adults and school environment.


Pupils: The children develop 3 amazing POWERS….

Ipower  - the ability to think for myself, be creative and make sensible decisions eg work hard, solve problems

Colour Power –  the ability to use colour to assist in the development of six life skills - positivity (yellow), sociability (red) confidence (orange) dependability (green) kindness (pink) adventurousness (blue).

Smart Power – the ability to begin to know your talents and to develop them.

Adults: The 3 ways we work…..

Champion our children- this means put them first and do anything to help them

Teach – giving children great lessons by using our very relevant curriculum and following our positive methods.

Coach – we help and coach children develop their talents

School Environment: The Many ways we enrich learning and life include………

The School Day and Week – we have sunshine days and sunshine weeks

The Annual Quest – we have a world changing shared goal

Meaningful Months - There is a theme for each month eg October is Rocktober

Fridays – something is always going on that is special and fun eg World Smile Day

Festivals - We have 2 massive festivals – Word Up literacy (8 weeks) and GO FEST (6 weeks)

Enrichment – Theatre school, Sports academies, Music and Art academies

I Care – we all share the “behaviour guide”….we simply work to care about everybody and everything.



  • Primary School should be an exceptionally special place which gives you lifelong skills and memories.
  • Learning is accelerated when pupils and staff are in an exceptionally positive and happy environment
  • Anything is possible if you are kind, do your best and work hard.


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