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Every child this week has thought about their own qualities, characteristics and talents and also learnt about an inspiring and important black figure, either historical or from current times. Children all took part in a grandparent task and we were reminded again of what an incredible and diverse heritage our pupils have. We are proud of every single one of you! 


At Orion and Goldbeaters we love dressing up! Children and parents make the hugest effort, We dressed up today in Halloween costumes or Autumn colours to celebrate the end of an AMAZING half term with 15 of our 101 special challenges achieved. 

APPLE WEEK: Monday 11th October - Friday 15th October


We’ve had 5 days of different varieties of apples to eat this week including, Gala, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Red Chief and Braeburn. We have an apple week to think of harvest time and that the season is changing quite rapidly. It is most definitely autumn!

We’ve have really rocked on with our learning this week making sure that we give 100% effort into everything we do. The super juice art activity was yet again completed by brilliant children who really show they care. We ended our week with Funny Friday, sharing a joke and drinking some delicious rock n roll Super Juice!


Such a buzz in school this week - it's Rocktober! We are rocking on with our reading, writing and our maths. We are making even more of an effort to make sure we improve on every piece of work. A huge number of children won One Kind Learning Goodie Bags for incredible designs of their own Super Juice! On Friday they got to enjoy some Learn Aid and some Smiley Soda. Which Super Juice will we get to try out next?

World Smile Day - Friday 1st October 

A perfect day for AMAZING children to celebrate. This year all classes sent letters and smiles to over 50 care homes around London. Children were buzzing with smiley faces and excitement and we hope that it is conveyed by the beautiful messages that are received by post next week.

Our AMAZING kitchen helped by AMAZING staff members and some AMAZING children made smiley face biscuits for everyone. A happy squad of children greeted our school community with huge smiles and banners at 8.30am and more children went into Mill Hill Broadway later on in the day to spread their smiles and joy. The new One Kind Learning film dropped today - SUPERJUICE! All in all a wonderful day! 

World Smile Day 2021 - You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Super Juice! Episode 1

World Peace Day - Tuesday 21st September

Pink for Peace

Our pink colour power represents kindness. Could more kindness lead to a more peaceful world? Could more kindness stop conflict? We created some pink campaigns for peace in a peaceful hour in our classrooms and met together with our friends from Goldbeaters for some peaceful activity outside.

It's the new school year!

Every year our school communities have a quest (goal) for the year.  This year's quest is AMAZING!

We are making 101 AMAZING things happen this year at The Orion and Goldbeaters. Check out this news page to keep up with everything  AMAZING!

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