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I-Shine Learning

It is more than just "school" at Orion and Goldbeaters.


I Shine Learning is the name we give to All we do.
We believe in a Positive Way of Living and Learning TOGETHER where:

  • Children come first and are immersed in a real culture of positivity, they MUST Shine!
  • Happiness is essential to ensure rapid progress and a love of learning.
  • Teaching and learning is delivered in a sunny, creative and enhancing way.
  • Staff are not just teachers….they are coaches and all champion children.


Fundamental Things

Aims of the School and the Quest

Each year we have 5 goals for everyone to achieve together. The annual Quest is the tool that joins us all as we work to achieve these aims. We also have one long term goal called Gen H. Our job is to develop the next generation of young people who are hopeful, happy, kind and are able to play their part in making the world a positive place.

Sunergy NEW for 2023/24 this is a thinking skill enabling children to use positive initiative

iPower – the Power to Live, Learn and be kind...our way of teaching behaviour

The children learn how to have an impact on the world. iPower is the ability to be a great learner, make great choices in everyday life and be super kind.


Communication skills are something all children need extra help to develop. iTalk is the name we give to our big focus on greetings, manners, explaining and socialising.

Kindness Kids

We have a collective name for our children – Kindness Kids.  All have an amazing natural talent – kindness. The year has times when we focus on tasks to change the world. 

DO MORE and Eager Readers

Children are encouraged to do more than “the basics”. It is also essential that they expand their knowledge of the world. We help them develop a DO MORE attitude about learning and life. 

The Curriculum

Learning in EYFS - 2yrs - 4yrs

  • The EYFS programme of learning is designed to meet the many needs of our children entering school for the first time. There is an emphasis on communication skills, creativity and social and physical development.
  • Little Wandle Phonics commences in Reception.


Learning - Academic Learning, World Learning, KS1 & KS2

  • Academic Learning is reading, writing and maths.
  • World Learning is all other subjects including science, history, art etc


Orion/Goldbeaters Literacy and Numeracy Time

  • Orion & Goldbeaters Literacy, Little Wandle Phonics, White Rose Numeracy
  • Classes are divided into fast learning groups ranging from 14-25 children

Cultural Capital Learning - The Amazing I Shine Year

Event Filled Learning Year 

  • Our challenge is to have over 101 learning events/experiences beyond the curriculum.

GO FEST and Word Up Fest - "Learning Festivals"

  • GO Fest is a 6 week summer festival for the children and the whole community. This spans the month of June and July. 
  • Word Up Fest is an 8-10 week literacy festival running through the toughest part of the winter months. Literacy skills and particularly vocabulary are enhanced.

I Shine's Additional Learning

I Shine University

One night each week pupils stay for an additional 40 minutes and take part in activities that are not on the curriculum but help them find and discover their passion and talents.

The I Shine Clubs

Children wanting to participate in extra learning join "clubs" are set up in art, music, sport etc...up to 50 a week across the Federation


I Shine Services

  • I Shine Arts Hub - theatre, dance and art courses in the evening.
  • I Shine Weekend Football - Go Stars Teams.
  • I Shine Holiday Hub - school holiday provision run by us.
  • I Shine After School Hub - after school care til 6pm.
  • I Shine Catering - in house catering for all events.
  • I Shine Cleaning - the children need a school cleaned with pride - in house cleaning.


One Kind Productions - we have a Youtube channel for monthly films as well as an adult acting group. Our films give news and information as well as positive messages to our community. 



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