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We asked Radhy in Year 6 what he thought about Go Fest. Below, are the questions we asked....


Q1- What do you like about Go Fest? 
A1- Dance, Music and Events 

Q2- Which week was your favourite? 
A2- The First Week 


Q3- What was your favourite event? 
A3- The Opening Show 


Q4- What’s your favourite Go Venture? 
A4- Day Tripper


Q5-What are you looking forward to in Go Fest?

A5-The Orion Euros (coming soon)


Q6-Would you want Yellow Man or Colour Rangers to run Go Fest?
A6- Colour rangers


Q7-Who is your favourite Colour Ranger?

A7- Yanis Yellow


Q8-This is your last Go Fest, what will you miss?

A8-Making memories with my friends.

We asked Ayaan in 6P what he thought about Orion.....


Q1. What’s your favourite thing about The Orion? 
- All The Lovely Teachers 


Q2. What do you like about Go Fest? 
- I like all the wonderful opportunities we get to learn. 

Q3. What’s your favourite memory of Orion? 
- The first time I met my best friend


Q4. Who’s your favourite Colour Ranger? 

Goldstar Federation