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Year 5

You may find this information about the National Curriculum helpful:


Important Learning

Autumn 1- Anglo Saxons

Autumn 2- The Gunpowder Plot

Spring 1- Victorians

Spring 2- WW2

Summer 1- Water/Rivers

Summer 2- Settlements (Cities and Rivers)


Reading and Homework

Literacy & Numeracy homework is sent out on a Thursday and is due back in on Monday. Read for 10 minutes every night, you can read a book, a newspaper, a magazine, or on a tablet. Don't forget to sign your Champion Reading Record to earn your Go Tickets. 



In year 5 the children look at recounts (newspapers, diary entry, review). After that they explore stories by significant authors as well as looking at a variety of different types of poetry. Stories such as fables, myths and traditional tales are also covered. Children are expected to use a neat and legible handwriting style and ensure that words are spelled correctly.


By the end of Year5 in literacy children will have been taught to:

  • Use a variety of sentence types (complex and compound)
  • Have a good and solid sentence structure (accurate tenses and word order)
  • Analyse a variety of text types (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Read with accuracy and fluency



In maths children revise previous topics as well as learning more about:

  • Number and its uses
  • Graphs and handling data, including interpretation
  • 2+3D shapes (including symmetry)
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages


By the end of Year 5 in numeracy children will be secure with:

  • Data handling (venn diagram, Carrol diagram, line, bar and frequency)
  • The number system (up to 5 digit numbers)
  • Using decimal numbers (2DP)
  • Fractions (ordering, mixed, improper and equivalent)
  • Properties of 2+3D shapes


Autumn Term Topics

Uses of water / rivers

World War Two

States of matter

Gasses around us


Spring Term Topics

World War Two


Changing sound

Life cycles


Summer Term Topics


Ancient Greece

Keeping Healthy Earth

Sun and Moon


Other information and trips

Royal Institute of Science – Space

Royal Institute of Science – Chemistry

RAF museum with workshops based on children’s experiences during WW2

Future trips – Will be planned around the topics of the Victorians & Ancient Greece


Be prepared in Y5

  • Have your homework, book bag, snack, and lunch
  • Have your PE kit in school
  • Take home letters to your parents!
  • Push yourself, work hard at home, do extra if you can
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