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Year 3

You may find this information about the National Curriculum helpful:


Important Learning

Autumn 1- Earth Angry (Natural Disasters)

Autumn 2- Who lived in Britain first? (Stone Age)

Spring 1- Galapagos Travel

Spring 2- Greeks

Summer 1- Ancient Egypt (Ancient Civilisations)

Summer 2- Ancient Egypt (Ancient Civilisations)


Reading and Homework

Literacy and Numeracy homework is sent out in a folder on Thursday and is due back on Monday.

Parents: Children in both KS1 and KS2 will have a Champion Reading record in their bookbags. Please help them by reading with them and signing their card!

Read for 10 minutes every night (it can be a school or home book, newspaper or magazine) and don't forget to ask a family member to sign your Champion Reading record so you can gain your GO tickets! 

Spellings should be learned each week for a weekly spelling test.

Push yourself with Homework Plus – an optional opportunity for independent home learning. The Homework Plus scheme allows you to buy subsidised Literacy and Numeracy books from the office – speak to your teacher for a form.



In Year 3 children develop their writing in a variety of non-fiction genres including explanation texts, play scripts, newspaper reports and letters. We also study fiction units such as Folk Tales, different forms of poetry, books by significant authors, narrative writing and adventure and mystery stories. Children keep Spelling Journals to allow them to improve their spellings in a fun and interactive way in their free time at the end of lessons.

Guided Reading - all children will have a guided reading book which is changed weekly. Guided reading sessions take place with class teachers and TAs, teaching valuable reading skills and giving children the chance to be heard reading aloud. The books have a coloured sticker which helps children know what level they are working at. They should be becoming aware of the steps they need to take to reach the next level with their reading. You can help your child's progress by reading with them at home. 



 In Numeracy children build on their Key Stage 1 knowledge by learning more about:

  • Fractions
  • Number bonds to 10, 20 and 100
  • Word problems
  • Solving investigations
  • A variety of methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • Money and calculating change
  • Data handling
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Measuring length, mass and capacity

Every Thursday we have Funday Maths in class, where children approach their learning in a unique way through exciting practical activities.


Autumn Term Topics

Angry Earth - In this geography-focused topic we learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes, and most importantly how they are caused. We gain knowledge of tectonic plates and what is going on inside the earth!

Stone Age – This topic takes us back in History to look at changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will be looking at early settlements and the impact this era had on modern Britain.

Science  - We learn about rocks and soil, including a trip to the Natural History Museum for a workshop with ‘Mary Anning, the Fossil Girl!’ We also investigate forces, including magnets..

Art & Design Technology - We learn about balanced diets and design and make our own healthy sandwiches. After half term, we get to try building our own stone age shelters and creating cave paintings.


Spring Term Topics

Charles Darwin and his Galapagos Adventure - In this topic we will be learning all about the travels of Charles Darwin around the Galapagos Islands and the amazing animals he discovered there. We will learn all why Darwin is so famous today as well as the importance of conservation.

Ancient Greeks – a closer look at one of the world’s most fascinating civilizations and what they did for us!

Science - we learn about living things (with a guest appearance from Year 3’s own rabbit!) and light and shadow.

Art & DT- In Art we become experts at still life drawing and learn how to draw from observations. In DT we will be making our own easels.


Summer Term Topics

 Ancient Egyptians – In this topic we learn all about what life was like in Ancient Egypt, how and why mummies were made, hieroglyphics, the pyramids, and what it would be like to have a holiday in Egypt today.

Science – We learn about the properties of different materials and build on our Spring term knowledge of living things by discovering more about plants.

Art & DT - We create amazing pyramid mobiles in DT and in Art we will make Egyptian prints.



  • The Natural History Museum
  • The Odeon Cinema
  • A Stone Age day in school
  • London Wetlands Centre
  • Ancient Greek Theatre


Be Prepared in Year 3

  • Have your homework, book bag, snack, and lunch
  • Keep up to date with your Champion Reading Record
  • Have your PE kit in school
  • Take home letters to your parents!
  • Push yourself, work hard at home, do extra if you can


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