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Children settle into nursery in the autumn term and begin having very positive learning experiences guided by a great team of caring practitioners.

The children learn through hands on, practical opportunities across all the specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

During the nursery session children have free play choice both indoors and outdoors.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

All learning in the nursery helps the children develop important social skills of sharing, turn taking and working together . Children are encouraged to have a go at new experiences in order to develop their confidence, concentration and independence.


Communication, Language and Literacy

Children develop speaking and listening skills through all their activities. Adults model language at every opportunity and children are taught to love and enjoy books and stories. Children can borrow 2 books a week from the nursery library to take home to share. There are lots of opportunities to develop early reading and writing skills. In the Nursery children follow Phase 1 of the Letters and Sounds Programme.


Physical Development

Play at nursery helps children to develop gross motor skills of balancing, running, jumping, climbing, pedalling, throwing and catching, fine motor skills of rolling, cutting, mark making and hand eye coordination, using a computer mouse/touch screen, lacing etc. The development of their core muscles is very important. Children are supported to be independent in their dressing, particularly coats and shoes and also in their toileting and self care.


Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

Through songs, play and meaningful experiences children are helped to develop basic skills of counting and recognising numerals. Children have opportunities to use and name shapes, complete puzzles, order sizes and solve practical problems in a mathematical way


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Children are guided to begin to understand the world around them. They have access to a range of ICT including laptops, IPADs, digi cams, flip cams, bee bots, voice recorders and much more. They are encouraged to talk about their personal and cultural experiences and learn about those of others.


Creative Development

Painting, drawing, collage, modelling, dancing, singing, role play, dressing up are all crucial learning experiences in the nursery.


Nursery Topics

Topics throughout the year can include the following, however they may change due to children's interests at the time.


Autumn Term

  • Settling into nursery
  • New routines
  • Autumn 
  • Ourselves
  • Our Families
  • Bears


Spring Term

  • Winter
  • Weather
  • Animals


Summer Term

  • Growing
  • The Garden
  • The Sun
  • Getting ready for Reception



Children go out in small groups around the local area, this includes going to the shops, the post office and the park.  In the summer children and parents take part in a big trip together.


What you need for Nursery

  • Spare clothes
  • Wellington boots
  • A warm coat
  • A big smile



  • Read the Nursery newsletter every week
  • Come in and help
  • Stay and read
  • Talk to your child about what happened at Nursery today











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