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An Orion Message from our Principal, Mr Flathers


The Orion is part of a federation of two fantastic schools which are located only half a mile away from each other. This is a large learning community that functions in what is best described as a ’brother/sister’ relationship. We are very close and we are a large, very happy family!


I have been lucky enough to be part of the recent history and success of both schools. At the “birth” of Orion in the year 2000, our goal was to give the community a brighter future. Every year, we see our children learning happily and, of course, succeeding. Our positive approach, combined with the dedication of our fabulous staff team make this a reality. I am very proud of the Orion Way!


We aim to provide a primary school education with a difference. Learning here is a special experience and not just a series of lessons broken up by playtime. Our learning adventure inspires our children to be kind, caring individuals with high aspirations. The children enjoy achieving very high standards in the essential academic areas of reading, writing and maths. They learn plenty more under the heading of World Learning, which covers those incredibly exciting areas of computing, design and technology, art, geography, religious education and physical education. Pupils’ talents are identified from the age of five and nurtured through Smart Learning in our Champions Academy. We help the children to become musicians, sports people and artists!


The Orion also provides many fantastic and exciting experiences for our children beyond the norm. These include working with The National Theatre, partnering with Barnet Football Club and the hiring of a stadium for events, such as The Orion Olympics and Orion Live-Aid.  In 2013 we co-presented a four week learning festival called GO FEST with Goldbeaters. It was an event that had never before been seen in primary schools and included a replica “Summer Festival” evening where we put on our own live music!


Primary school should have a dynamic impact on children’s lives; it should help them develop into great people. This is our quest across the federation of Orion and Goldbeaters!


Our children love their school and describe it as “fun", "caring" and "simply the best”. That’s the way it should be for today’s young people!


Welcome to The Gold Star Federation.


Chris Flathers


Welcome to The Gold Star Federation

Goldstar Federation