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We are very proud of our school uniform and children are expected to look SMART

Children are expected to be in full school uniform every day.

Orion polo shirts and sweatshirts and cardigans can be ordered from school directly.

They should be worn with black school trousers/shorts, black skirts or pinafore dresses.

Children should wear smart black shoes/boots that fit well.


PE kit is very important and children MUST have a full kit in school.

T-shirts, shorts and tracksuits must be ordered from the school office.

Please follow the steps below to order uniform for your child:


  1. Please print the form below or collect one from the main office
  2. Write your child's name and class on the front of an envelope and put your order form and correct payment inside
  3. Post your envelope into the black post box, located opposite the main office next to the display of the uniform on the wall

Our School Uniform

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