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The Pigs

Introducing...The Micro Pigs!

Charley and Nick, from Ross Farm in East Sussex, very kindly allowed 2 of their gorgeous micro-pigs to stay at Orion!  The lovely piggies arrived at the end of January and stayed for 2 weeks before returning back to their brothers and sisters on the farm.


The children were so excited when Nick arrived to set up the pen for the pigs!

Orion children were thrilled to have these VIPs (Very Important Pigs) staying! However, the chickens were less excited about these strange hairy creatures but they soon got used to them! The pigs' names were Gary and Shirley and are much smaller than 'regular' pigs. Sometimes pictures of teeny tiny teacup-sized micro-pigs are shown on the internet but they don't stay that size for long!

The pigs were so popular with the children (and adults!)  All children came to visit the pigs and some super helpful children even helped clean and feed them!   

These fantastic Year 4 children learned so much about pigs that they had an assembly for Goldbeaters children and told them all about pigs!   

The pigs were amazing visitors during Word Up as children were inspired to do incredible writing about them.  Have a look at some of their fabulous work!  

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