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Hi guys


Here is a great idea I had recently - creating a community of ex pupils and staff. It is about to take off and needs your help.......


What is it?

The Galaxy Foundation – a special community of staff and children who were once part of The Orion and Goldbeaters. There are hundreds of people who played a huge part in making our schools unique places to live and to learn. The aim of the Galaxy Foundation is for our wonderful teachers and pupils to continue spreading the values of Orion and Goldbeaters to others around the world.


Our Galaxy community will be showing others:


  • How to be super kind
  • How to “play your part” in life
  • How to aim high and push yourself
  • How to work hard
  • How to be super positive


The Galaxy Foundation will:


  • Keep wonderful people connected with the Orion and Goldbeaters
  • Help you feel that you never really did leave us
  • Help connect you to each other in some way.


Will everyone be able to join?


Well just about everyone. Very occasionally a tiny few leave us who didn't manage to totally support the schools incredible values, quests, ways etc. The Galaxy Foundation has a mission - to influence others with our positive ways - you have got to be able to do this well! 


How The Galaxy Foundation Works


  • Right now I need to connect with you i.e draw up the membership
  • You will see news appearing for you on this page
  • We will be setting up a forum when we have time




Email me in the office at:


Happy days and I hope you love the new school... dreams come true at The Orion... anything is possible... remember all that fun stuff...




Members so far:


Name                                  Now doing

Renee Stanton                   Teaching back in the UK - helping transform learning in the south!

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