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Spring Term - January to March 2015

This half term we have been learning all about 'people who help us'. We looked at all of the emergency services; the police, the fire brigade, paramedics and also doctors, nurses and dentists.

A naughty robber called Grabber Dan stole our chocolates! We had to pretend we were detectives and police officers and look at clues to try and catch him. 

We were very lucky to get visits from a real nurse and a real GP! They showed us the different equipment they use and how to help each other if we are hurt or not feeling well.

At the end of the half term we all got to dress up as different people who help us!


This half term we have learnt all about dinosaurs. We found some strange eggs in our playground and called on Professor Eggbert to help identify what dinosaur was in our eggs!

We have learnt lots of facts about different dinosaurs. We answered how, what, why, where and when questions about dinosaurs and the lives they led.

At the end of term we recieved a visit...from a 10ft dinosaur! Her name was Sophie and she moved and made real noises.

We also took part in a workshop about fossils; we used brushes to dust sand off of real dinosaur fossils! We then looked at some fossil factfiles to try and identify where our fossils had come from and what they were. It was very interesting, we were all really engaged in the activity and had a lot of fun.

Wizard of Oz Week!

We were very lucky to watch a real performance of The Wizard of Oz at school. It was a lot of fun and we all joined in with the booing, cheering and clapping!

To celebrate the end of Wizard of Oz Week we dressed up as a character from the story. Look at our fantastic costumes! Some of us even won prizes for our costumes.

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