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Welcome to Reception!

Sun Class - Miss Barzey

Rocket Class - Miss Bisok

Star Class - Mr Allen

Comet Class - Miss Moldrich

There are other important adults in Reception too, including:

Berivian, Bea, Hina and Mr Mumford. 


Come and talk to us at any time about your child. Mr Ellis (Head of Early Years Learning is always available for you too)


Come to school on time every day. Help to settle your child but trust them to go inside with their school adults. You are welcome to come and Stay and Read every Friday morning. 


Children learn quickly with fun and structured play experiences. Read the newsletter every week and talk to your child about what they are learning at school. Ask them to tell you the story of  The Little Red Hen!


Parents come in for regular meetings with the staff especially when your child is the focus child for their learning story.


Make sure you attend The Together meetings to really understand how you can support your child's learning at school and help them in the best way.


Parents and teachers together make faster learners.


Watch out for photos of your child learning at school...

How to say the sounds we are learning?

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This is how do the phonics hand actions

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