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Parent Learning

Lots of adult learning classes are run throughout the year.

Parents from Orion and Goldbeaters have priority but sometimes we have spaces for friends and family members. Book a space for a course through the school office. We ask for a £5 contribution for every 6 week course. Contribution of £10 if you are not an Orion or Goldbeaters parent.


This term adult learning courses will be as follows:


Hairdressing - Intro to Colouring  - Monday 9.15 - 11.45 at Goldbeaters 

Hairdressing - Intro to cutting - Monday 12.15 - 2.45 Goldbeaters 

Parent Gym - Thursday - 9.00 - 11.00 The Orion 





Join a taster session for Parent Gym which is a parenting course on Thursday 26th September at 9am

Please register with Mrs Shear

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Sewing Course - Upcycling Clothes

Sewing Course - Upcycling Clothes 1
Sewing Course - Upcycling Clothes 2
Sewing Course - Upcycling Clothes 3
Sewing Course - Upcycling Clothes 4
Sewing Course - Upcycling Clothes 5

Our wonderful hairdressers

Our wonderful hairdressers 1
Our wonderful hairdressers 2
Our wonderful hairdressers 3
Our wonderful hairdressers 4
Our wonderful hairdressers 5

Positive Parenting Courses


A wonderful and committed group of parents have just completed a 6 week Parent Gym course run by Mrs Shear.


This was a course of six 2-hour workshops with "missions" to complete in between each. The aim of the course is to make sure parents

  • have happier and more confident children
  • can get their children to open up and talk more
  • feel calm more of the time
  • are able to make family life more fun


Week 1: Chat - how to communicate

Week 2: Love - how to balance warmth and discipline

Week 3: Behave - how to be consistent with limit setting

Week 4: Care - how to raise healthy children

Week 5: Discover - how to encourage learning

Week 6: Together - how to build a support network with parents and children


The parents feedback for this course was truly positive and all of them would recommend the course to other parents and wished they had found a the Parent Gym course when they first became parents. There will be further Parent Gym courses run across The Orion and Goldbeaters this year.

Parent Gym - Spring Term at Goldbeaters

Well Done to a wonderful group of parents from Goldbeaters and The Orion who committed to the 6 week Parent Gym programme with Mrs Shear held at Goldbeaters. 

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Parent Gym Course - Autumn 2018

Parent Gym Course - Autumn 2018 1
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