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Our Rabbit

We have black and white 'Dutch' rabbits living on the Heroes playground in their hutches.  Daddy rabbit is called Gus.  He has the left hand side hutch all to himself.  Lots of room for him to run and hop around in!    Mum and little boy lives next door.  Their names are Honey and Oreo.  They love to snuggle together and eat!

Gus having a snack!

Honey and Oreo having dinner!


All animals need a clean home to live in and our Orion bunnies are no exception.  Pet Club children work hard to clean out the impressive quantities of poo the lovely bunnies produce! 
The rabbits always enjoy their playtime in their pen.  They love nibbling the grass and investigating all the exciting new smells!  Sometimes, you might see the rabbits out in their pens during the day but not always! Rabbits are most active at dusk and dawn- they are crepuscular animals!

Mmmm, tasty grass!

It can be difficult to tell the rabbits apart because they look very similar!  However, there is an easy way to tell Oreo apart from his mum Honey.  Oreo has little bits of white mixed in with his black fur and his left ear has a small mark on it.  Keep your eyes peeled and see if you can notice the difference!

Oreo - can you see the mark in his left ear?

Honey - no mark in her ear!

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