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Champions Academy

Champions Academy 

This is a special time in the week for all KS1 and KS2 children when they have an extra lesson in a curriculum area in which they show a particular talent or interest. We call it Smart Learning.




KS1 Champions Academy


Our Y1 and Y2 children take part in Champions Academy on a Wednesday afternoon. They rotate groups throughout the year to get experience in different types of smart learning so that they can begin to identify what they are talented in.


The groups this term have included

KS2 Champions Academy


Autumn Terms Champions Academy has been very exciting with all the children from Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 being immersed in fantastic learning and projects of their choice on a Friday morning. Our children's talents and interests are celebrated and nurtured with the projects changing termly.


Art Smart children have been introduced to new skills in textile arts, painting and printing.


Body Smart children have been learning new dance skills and working on stamina, fitness and co-ordination.


Mathletes have been working on a creative maths presentation and an interactive board game for younger children. Historians have been researching for a mini museum, ICT experts have been coding for a game. Children in interested in cooking have been preparing healthy meals and snacks and a tea and have also been publishing recipe cards to share.

Other projects include a Chinese academy learning about the Chinese culture, the preparation of a playscript, drama activities and science research.


Lastly but not least a large group of very talented and creative Orion and Goldbeaters children are working on a Disney production of Aladdin to perform in March.


Photos coming soon

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