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Pupil Premium and Grants

Pupil Premium Plan in detail 2016/17

Grant Expenditure - School Year 2016 / 2017


The grant available from September 2016 to August 2017 is £566,931


The grant available from April 2017 to March 2018 is £564,960.


Amount per eligible pupil
Number of eligible pupils 428

Amount of PPG received




Summary of Spending Areas

% of funding

Enriching academic learning

  • After school tutor groups four days each week
  • Very high adult to child ratio for both literacy and numeracy groups across the school
  • Booster classes and groups for both year 6 and year 2 in literacy and numeracy Level 6 booster groups
  • Year 1 Booster tuition in literacy - 3 sessions each week
  • Year 2 Fit and Phonics sessions - twice weekly
  • First Class Number Groups with children in years 1, 2 and 3
  • Go Chatter groups for children developing their vocabulary, spoken and written English in years Reception, Year 2 and Years 3/4


Enriching curriculum learning

  • Subsidised out of school visits
  • Year 6 school journey to France subsidised
  • Expenses to cover the many visitors and additional workshops in school
  • Musical instrument tuition for every child in the school


Enriching extra-curricular learning opportunities

  • Enriching extra-curricular and Smart learning
  • Wide range of highly subsidised and free extra-curricular provision
  • Free or highly subsidised musical instrument tuition for those children who are highly committed
  • Play and Speech Therapist supporting individuals and groups of children
  • Booster groups in key stage 2 for DT, Science, Art and French



Sports Grant For the academic year 2017– 2018


The government give extra funding to schools to be spent on sport in school. This year the government have doubled the amount, to allow us to allocate more to sport at the federation. Our aim is to increase sporting opportunities for children and also to improve the quality of the provision they receive at no coast to parents.


As a result of the funding we have been able to establish an enriching experience for all children. The Orion, whereby every week in KS1 & KS2 children receive 2 hours of high quality physical education - delivered by a trained team of PE specialists. The curriculum is progressive and imparts a wide range of skills. In EYFS and JETS we have been able to offer training to our PE leader & purchase specialist equipment so he is able to deliver a detailed and specialist programme ensuring children collate vital skills in balance, co-ordination, communication and flexibility. All children in EYFS and in the JETS provision also receive 1 hour of PE from the PE team and the other delivered by their class teacher. Class teachers have also been able to receive CPD in the programme so its delivery is sustainable.


In addition, we now have 39 active clubs available for the children of The Orion, none of which are chargeable to the parents therefore making them accessible to all. These clubs offer a broad range of activities from Zumba to dodgeball to football and basketball. Please see our club list for the full range. This has seen our participation in extracurricular activities rise rapidly to 92%, especially in Key Stage 1.


We are also able to spend our premium funding coaches to run our "Go Fit", "Go Shine" & "Go Comp" initiatives, which enable us to provide support for our emerging students and enhance the talents of our more able. This is evident in our regular attendance at inclusive festivals and ongoing success in competitions & leagues.


Please access our other sporting pages for more information on this.


This year also sees the continuation of our Happy Hearts Club – aimed at developing non-competitive sporting opportunities for all, and the development of our GO Active squad, who are young leaders from year 5 & 6.


This is how The Orion has chosen to spend the £19,450 it was awarded this academic year, 2017-2018


£2000 Barnet School Sports Partnership

£6500 contribution to extra curricular/coaching costs

£1500 Sports Week

£5000 New equipment

£525 Transport Costs to events

£1500 CPD

£ 1000 Specialist equipment for Happy Hearts

£1425 Specialist equipment for JETS PE

Goldstar Federation