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The Amazing Word Up week 8!


The Big Red “Yay” Day

Friday 24 March


  • We say congratulations to all children for doing so much more in literacy! The festival has its final day!.


  • We dress in something RED.


  • We complete some more Word Up tasks


  • We combine the day with RED NOSE DAY


A Million Thanks Parents - Contributions through the Cash Cans are reaching £2500


We are raising some money for a few causes:

  • Red Nose Charity
  • The crisis in East Africa
  • Cancer affecting children


This time we say - GIVE WHAT YOU CAN


Alarming Facts - More than 19 million people across East Africa are facing terrifying food shortages. Drought has caused crops to fail and cattle to die in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya - leaving millions facing starvation and desperately seeking a safe source of water. Brutal war in South Sudan has driven more than three million people from their homes and left millions more in need of emergency food.


Can you help us also by sending your child to bed early?

Many children are excessively tired!

We are researching why and finding out that bed times are far too late. Thanks



  • Theatre Performance for most children – Charlotte’s Web


General Events and Most Dates


  • Arts Academy restarts on Sat 11 March for three weeks this half term
  • Cinema Night Movies – back this Thursday with Trolls
  • The BIG Maxi show at I shine Theatre for Federation kids in the last week.
  • Science days
  • World book day 2 March – Free book Tokens
  • Barnet Dance Festival 2 March for dance groups
  • Voice in a Million Concert at Wembley – 9 March
  • Ladies Pamper Night  - 23 March
  • Red Nose Day – the BIG RED YAY DAY for children who have collected lots of tokens. 24 March


Please support your child with reading, homework and mathletics

Also NEW this term Twitter, You Tube Channel



Goldbeaters had OFSTED in December and the official result has not long been out. A huge congratulations - the grade was OUTSTANDING! It is not easy getting the top grade in today’s Inspection system. I am so pleased for the whole federation community. It is great to know that the quality of what we do in both schools still is recognised as the best in the country.


We also wish to thank parents and children for working hard at Word Up this year. There has been better reading, amazing writing and an incredible effort to complete the Make a Difference Task. 


3 More Weeks of Word Up!


The Literacy Festival WORD UP has plenty more amazing learning….


  • Author visits – Ian Beck and Tom Palmer
  • Special Visits – we have one or two exceptional guests including Jack and Joel
  • The Y6 Poetry Slam
  • The Non – Fiction Book Challenge continues
  • Quiz Time
  • Notebooks/Doodle…Skoodling – sketching as well as doodling.
  • Shakespeare Performance
  • Theatre Performance for most children – Charlotte’s Web


General Events and Most Dates


  • Arts Academy restarts on Sat 11 March for three weeks this half term
  • Cinema Night Movies – back this Thursday with Trolls
  • The BIG Maxi show at I shine Theatre for Federation kids in the last week.
  • Science days
  • World book day 2 March – Free book Tokens
  • Barnet Dance Festival 2 March for dance groups
  • Voice in a Million Concert at Wembley – 9 March
  • Ladies Pamper Night  - 23 March
  • Red Nose Day – the BIG RED YAY DAY for children who have collected lots of tokens. 24 March


Please support your child with reading, homework and mathletics

Also NEW this term Twitter, You Tube Channel

Word Up!  23 Jan – March 24

This term we run our literacy Festival WORD UP! Over 8 weeks we do a little extra work in reading, writing and speaking. The normal curriculum continues on however we also have:


  • Author visits
  • Special visits – we have one or two exceptional guests
  • Poetry every week and a Y6 Poetry Slam
  • The Non – Fiction Book Challenge
  • Quiz
  • Notebooks / doodle books and pencils for all children
  • Word Up fundraising – this year we need your help too!
  • Performances


General Events and Most Dates 


  • Art for your Heart Day Friday 20 Jan
  • Together Programme – Rec on 31 Jan and Nursery on 2 Feb
  • Arts Academy restarts on Sat 21 Jan for three weeks this half term
  • Cinema Night Gold Star Movies – 19 Jan and 2 Feb
  • Y6 parents evs – Tues 31 Jan and Tues 7 Feb
  • Science days – 8 Feb
  • Orion Birthday - Fri 27 Jan – Happy Hearts Day
  • Safer Internet Day - Tues 7 Feb
  • Make a difference week – half term
  • World book day 2 March
  • Barnet Dance Festival (for training group only) – Early March
  • Voice in a Million Concert at Wembley – Early March
  • Red Nose Day 24 March
Picture 1

Starlight Festival - Week of 12 December


New this year is the Starlight Art Exhibition too!

Please come to class where the event starts:

Monday - Nursery and Jets

Tuesday - Y4,Y5,Y6 from 3PM

Wednesday - Y2, Y3 from 3PM

Thursday - Rec, Y1 from 3PM

Children In Need Choir 2016!


Here are a few of our 76-strong Federation choir singing their hearts out live to millions to Lean on Me from the BBC studio in Elstree on Friday night for Children In Need. We are exceedingly proud of all the children for their hard work, dedication and professional performances.



Click here to see the whole story... 
(Clicking the link will take you to the news site)


Orange Days

  • Harvest
  • Our History
  • Fireworks - Thursday 3 Nov.
  • Anti-bullying


Thanks for the amazing Pop-Up Museum and the replica London Fruit Market.

We think we did find our inner orange.

Friday 7 October - World Smile Day


Friday 30th September - Macmillan Cake Event

  • Please bring you home made cakes to us on Friday 
  • 50p donation would also help cancer research.


Autumn at Gold Star Federation


We have a great learning term ahead! Here are a few highlights:


  • Our Quest: POWER ON! The Quest to Empower. This means doing things REALLY WELL.
  • World Peace Day
  • World Smile Day
  • Saturday Arts Academy – 3 mornings each half term
  • 70 weekly clubs and activities across the Federation
  • New staff including a bigger sports section!
  • Improved Discovery Time at Goldbeaters – learning at playtime
  • I Shine Gallery at Orion
  • All our learning has a new name…. I SHINE LEARNING


Thanks – yes already!

The comments and feed back from our 6 week learning Festival GO FEST were so touching - THANKS. This event was just quite incredible and packed with REAL learning. Did you know that 3000 people attended our closing night. WOW what a great community.


Happy Days - Mr Flathers

6 Amazing Weeks. I Smile, You Smile

See the GO FEST page!

Picture 1

Summer Term 2016

So many exciting learning experiences ahead!

Bright Yellow Thinking helps us really push our learning during April and May.

In June the wonderful 6 week Arts and Cultural Festival starts - GO FEST

Picture 1

Smart Mode and the Amazing Word Up Fest!

Thanks for a fantastic Spring 2 Term!


This half term we all got in Smart Mode! We got a bit smarter by stretching our brains and working really hard.

Thank you to everyone who did the “Make a Difference” Project! Nearly every child did something to improve life at home. Some children raised lots of money for charity too. Wow great kids – what an effort!


Our Word Up Fest was the best ever! Every child read on average 8 more books than normal this half term. We saw authors, we had book fairs, we studied Treasure Island and saw the play. We loved seeing our incredible word up characters - Lady Fabulous was our favourite! Mr Flathers was so pleased he said “The Festival was there to boost learning in literacy, to create more fun and interest for us all. The progress made in reading writing and talking was staggeringly good. Thanks everyone”


The half term had other highlights too – Voice in a Million for choir at Wembley arena, the Dance Festival, Sport Relief, Shakespeare, Mr Flathers reached 25 years as a Headteacher.


The new Saturday Arts Academy had 450 children attending most weeks – wow!



A Warm January and February at The Orion


The Quest Moves on – Think Smart, Live Smart

We are all working hard to have a Happy Mind and a Happy Body. Everyone is learning how to be smarter by looking after our beautiful brains and fantastic bodies. Stretch your brain this winter!


Special Days

We have been trying to make learning fun and exciting with some additional themes too… Boost with a Juice Day, Art for your Heart Day, Word Up launch day – wow.


Word Up

Our winter literacy festival has started!! Please see the web page with extra info’. The children are excited about the Word Smart Squad, authors visiting, drama workshops and of course the amazing Doodle Books!


Orion Birthday

16 years old! We enjoyed special lunch, a magician and a very special up and coming new singer!


Science Fair

It is not all literacy this half term. We have run three science days across the Federation and with as huge helping hand from parents. Children did a series of 8 experiments!


The Go Shine Arts Academy

Each Saturday morning around 400 children came to weekend learning. What a success! We were able to do this project for 99p per session.


New Nursery

Orion opened a nursery on Grahame Park. We were asked to take over at Wingfield after they shut the nursery last June. Our new nursery is called Starbeam!


Happy Days at The Orion

                    Spring Term

           Monday Jan 4 - Friday 1 April 2016               

 The Starlight Festival – 2nd Year

  Last Week of Term at 3.30 – 4.15

  • A “Light” Performance - 15 minutes in class hearing Performance Poetry and song.
  • Sparkling Trail - follow the “sparkling” tree trail around the school. 25 lit trees throughout the building.   
  • The Starlight Zone – visit the theatre to see a wonderland of light.

Tues 15 Dec Reception and Nursery

Wed 16 Dec Y1, Y6, Y4

Thurs 17 Y2, Y3, Y5


Fundraising for Orion – The Wonder Months!

Total for November £725! Wow and thanks to parents children and staff.


Donation Day/Winter Clothes Day and FREE Show for Children Rec Y6. 50p Friday 11 December

Classes are collecting loose change all of the time


Shine Arts Academy - Saturdays

  • Starts on Saturday 16 January and runs every Saturday morning in term time.
  • Sessions  - Drama, Music, Art, Tutoring, Recording Studio
  • Sessions for most ages even drama for Nursery and Reception
  • Cost 99p per session.  Yes can you believe it!


Cinema Nights – 3 nights for Gold Star kids! December 7, 8, 9 (Tickets available in entrance after school)


Disco Night – Monday 14 December

(Tickets available in entrance after school)


Show “Wonder -Full Winter” – 10 Dec at 4PM and 5.30 presented by Junior singers and musicians. (Tickets available in entrance after school)

Amazing November Events!


Children in Need – a favourite event each year. This November we become Real Heroes…. we experienced a morning of “doing good” but in the form of 8 challenges. Thank you for your donations!


Anti – Bullying Day and Say Hello Day – Think before you speak is our way of approaching everyday life in school. We have a big focus on bullying and also how to do this skill. All adults are asked “when do you last really listen to a child”? We mix in Hello Day too!!


Character Development – our new character badges were launched. Each child can earn their GO Power badge throughout each year. Y5 and Y6 have a very different goal – 20 badges over 2 years.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Thanks for Supporting our October Events!


Autumn Fest and the big theme of apples pears and grapes! So many donation boxes went out this year. Thank you!


The Together Programme – meetings with parents in Rec and Nursery.


Opening of Go Shine Recordings and Go Shine Radio – yes we now have a recording label and radio station for the children in both our schools! Big thanks to Vanessa Feltz for opening these facilities.


Our History Week – this is a very special time when we think about our families and our diversity. We also look at Black history and our local history too.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

World Smile Day at the Orion

Mr Flathers and the Orion staff helped parents and children start the day with a smile. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Start of a new term at The Orion!


School started again on Wednesday 2nd September. The new start time is 8.40am


We are looking forward to having you all back in school for a great Autumn term!


We are reflecting on the first year in our wonderful new school!


Special Experiences for all our 1300 fantastic children in 2014/2015


  • World Smile Day
  • World Peace Day
  • MacMillan fundraiser
  • Our History week
  • Autumn Fest
  • Infant Music Festival
  • Children in Need
  • Trips to the theatre, museums etc
  • Y6 Paris 2015
  • Y6 France 2015
  • End of term shows – Goldbeaters
  • Starlight Festival - Orion
  • Mayor planting memorial snowdrops
  • Boost with a Juice Day
  • Art for your Heart Day
  • Voice in a Million – Wembley
  • Word Up Fest – 60 days
  • Handwriting Day
  • Maths and Science Day
  • Holocaust Day
  • Fun at Work Day
  • Orion Birthday
  • Football Champions U11 Orion
  • World Cancer Day
  • My Favourite book Day
  • Safer Internet Day
  • Doodle Day
  • Poetry Slam
  • Spring School
  • Saturday School
  • World Book day
  • Barnet Dance Fest
  • Barnet Music Festival
  • Red Nose Day
  • Sing Up Festival (Gold)
  • Spring Flowers Day
  • Andrew Travers visit
  • RAF Orion contribution to new exhibition
  • Yellow Pencil Day
  • Spring Celebration Day
  • Ocean Day
  • Doughnut Day
  • Shakespeare Festival
  • Go Fest  2015
  • Race for Life
  • Go Gala  2015

Friday Fundraiser for Nepal


The children learnt all about the crisis in Nepal in assembly following one major earthquake and another large earthquake which followed. The children and the community were clearly moved by the plight of the Nepalese people.


Children were asked to bring some money to donate to the cause and an overwhelming amount was brought in across our federation:


The Orion - £1008.94

Goldbeaters - £655

GRAND TOTAL - £1663.94!


Thank you everyone!

GO FEST 2015

This years event is ON! New photos have been added...

This year's theme is I Shine, We Shine! 


Click the I Shine, We Shine link below to find out more on our special GO Fest page!

Photography Blog


You all know Jenny, our lovely photographer at The Goldstar Federation. She comes in for special events and captures the memories of our great days at Orion and Goldbeaters! 


She's written about us on her website and we thought you might all like to see what she says about our wonderful schools.


Click this link to see her blog. Hooray!



Open Day for Candidates looking for a job at our Federation

Wednesday 15 April 9.30. Tours of the school. Meet leaders, NQTs. It is a nice morning.

Welcome back to a SUNNY summer at Orion!


It's the SUMMER TERM at Orion and the big news? Our new Ofsted report!

Here's the link to read the report!


Go to our Ofsted page (click the link below) to download the report from our website!





Orion Even Smarter


Our corridors and central spaces now have many lovely pictures and pieces of art work. The aim is to show that there is exceptional learning happening at Orion. Please have a look!


Word Up Fest continues……


World Book Day – Thursday March 4 when children will receive a book token to spend.


Wizard of Oz week – starts next week, show on Tuesday


Dress Up Day – Friday March 6. Dress as character from the Wizard of Oz story


Dictionary Man – Friday March 6. Y5 and Y6 are coached by a very clever man who makes dictionary work really fun!


Authors Visits – Jean Ure, Dan Freedman, Shoo Raynor


Inter school Quiz – last week challenge against Goldbeaters


Other info:

  • Maths – your child will soon be using a times table practise method called The 99 Club.
  • The half term learning camp was a great success with lots and lots of amazing kids! We run this ourselves – staff are just fantastic.
  • Voice in a Million – Orion and Goldbeaters Choirs at Wembley Arena – March 11
  • Dance Festival – Orion and Goldbeaters dance team at Arts Depot – March 12
  • Orion Ambassadors in School – Author James Campbell and Artist Mark Weighton on March 26
  • Parents Evenings – Y1 – Y5 on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March
  • Red Nose Day Fundraiser – March 13

Orion's Birthday - Friday 30th January 2015

Orion's Birthday - Friday 30th January 2015 1

WORD UP FEST 2015 is here!

Click below to see what's going on during our amazing 60 day literacy festival!

NEWSFLASH - We just won an award in The Pupil Premium Awards 2015! 

We were selected because we are one of the high achieving schools in the country in terms of the attainment and progress of our disadvantaged pupils since 2011!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Orion Showcases Outstanding Music Students

On Thursday 11 December parents enjoyed hearing over 17 performances in the Gold Star Theatre. The range of music being learnt at Orion is exceptional. We heard:

  • Violins
  • Brass
  • Rock Band
  • Guitar groups
  • Glee Chamber Groups
  • Pianists
  • Choral work from the singing  tutor group
  • Ukelele groups
  • The Choir
  • An original work from the Music Smart Group
  • Staff too

Many thanks to the music team and Miss Foskett.

Music has never been as good as this at Orion!


Children In Need

Many thanks to the whol community across the Federation. We raised over £1500. Staff did an amazing job in their project - staff go back to school.


Barnet Council’s Snowdrop Project at Orion


We welcomed The Mayor Councillor, Hugh Rayner, to the school on November 25th 2014.



To plant a snowdrop in memory of every one the 1.5 million children killed in the holocaust. The project is to help young people think about the holocaust.



Each year a school is chosen to receive and plant 2000 bulbs. The Mayor plants the first few. Bulbs planted so far: 37,000!


The Holocaust

The Holocaust (Shoah) was a unique event in 20th century history. It evolved slowly between 1933 and 1945. It began with discrimination; then the Jews were separated from their communities and persecuted; and finally they were treated as less than human beings and murdered.


During the Second World War the Nazis sought to murder the entire Jewish population of Europe and to destroy its culture. In 1941 there were about 11 million Jews living in Europe; by May 1945 the Nazis had murdered six million of them. One-and-a-half million of these were children.

We now call these events the Holocaust.


Whilst the Jews of Europe were the Nazis’ primary target, many millions of other people were also imprisoned, enslaved and murdered. These people included Roma, those with mental or physical disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, trade unionists, political opponents, Poles and Soviet prisoners of war.

The Nazis did not act alone. They were supported and assisted by people from within the countries they occupied across Europe. Most countries stood by while the Nazis and their accomplices carried out the mass murder of the Jewish people.


Find out more – be curious:

Picture 1

Children In Need Friday 14 Nov

Dress as a hero, sponsor the staff event, bring a packet of biscuits - it is a big event!

Staff go back to school - 100 staff are raising money this year by doing a 50 minute lesson. 50 challenges in 50 minutes in DT, literacy, maths, PE, Art. It is going to be fun. 


Half Term and Inset - starts Friday 24 Oct


Our History Week 20 Oct

My History (all the children), local history, cultural diversity, food, languages - lots of great themes. Wed 22 Oct - dress in your country's traditional costume. Nursery - Y2 bring a baked something from your country, Y3 - Y6 bring a grain dish!


Autumn Fest

Big Thanks for all the contributions and donations. Baskets of food went to lovely people you nominated and also so to our neighbours. We had a fantastic letter from a resident saying Orion children were lovely! 


Grand Opening of The Orion and Gold Star Centre - Sept 24

We welcome the Mayor and 50 guests to an incredible day. There will be a series of 6 launches through the morning. Look out for the balloon sculpture! Parents welcome 11.15.


Burnt Oak Festival

The joint choirs sung so well on Saturday 20 Sept! Thanks parents and staff.


Parents - take note!

Meet your child's new teacher...


Years 2,3,4 - Wednesday at 2.45pm in classrooms

Year 1,5 - Thursday at 2.45pm

Y6 meeting - Monday 15th September at 4.45pm

New Term

We start back on Thursday 4 September

What an Amazing Year for The Orion - Well done everyone!

We will keep up last years news for a while to remind you of great days and great success!

Music Festival

Orion and Goldbeaters appear together again at the Junior Music Festival at the Arts Depot performing our version of Happy. 2 choirs and Rock Band! Thursday 19 from 7PM.


Orion at Book Launch

We have been invited to the great launch of Boy Face - a terrific new book by

James Campbell with illustrations by Mark Weighton. Exciting!



This is the second year of our new Festival for Orion and Goldbeaters children.

The events run from 16 June until the end of term. Our theme is "I am Somebody".


Dads Evening/Fathers Day Event - Thursday 12 June

Please find the form in your child's book bag. Please come and join us for  a fun evening. 4.15 or 5.30 and enjoy the new site too.


Mill Hill County - getting in through the test process

General test - complete "technology" application form.

Dance - complete "dance" application form

Music - complete "music" application form


Go to


Forms in by Wednesday of half term - the 28 May


Spring Celebration Day

Friday 23 May. Parents welcome to class at 9.00. A day to be proud of all at Orion. Balloon send off during the morning.

Y1, Y3, Y4, Y5 Parents Open Evening and Reports - Wednesday April 30th 3.30 - 5.00

Come and collect your child's report and chat with your child's teacher


The New Orion - News

  • What a job! Setting up the new school has been very tough and time consuming, all holiday. Staff have been amazing - thanks.
  • We are all ready for you! Start on Tuesday 22 April.
  • Spring School was a great success - 100 Y6 children from Orion and Goldbeaters on the new site this holiday.
  • The school building is likely to be named Orion Apollo
  • Parents can look around on Tuesday at 3PM Rec - Y2, Wednesday at 3PM Y3 - Y6.
  • School Bus - see the section in KEY INFORMATION


"Goodbye Lanacre" Event and Celebration - Wednesday 26 March

During the Day - Film and Songs for Parents:

oooReception - 9.10

Y1 - 10.00

Y2 - 2.40

Y3 and Y4 2.00

Y5 and Y6 10.45

6.15 - 7.15 - Current Parents and children in the playground for a bite to eat and Fireworks - FREE

4.00 - 5.45 - Event for old pupils and staff. Mr Flathers talks to you all at around 5.00.


Sport Relief Day - Friday 21 Marchcheeky

  • Bring £1rr
  • Wear strong trainers
  • Have your PE kit in school for fun in the afternoon
  • Take part in our walking challenge in the morning.


Wow - Amazing and Proud - We sang with Matt Cardle

Children from both schools took part in the Barnet Dance Festival on Tues March 11 and then they sang at Wembley Arena on the Wednesday. We were incredible! Brilliant performances and tough kids who can rise to the challenge of two very late nights. Yes XFactor winner Matt sang with our children!


Green Day - Wednesday 12 March

Wear something green and please try even more recycling!


Y6 Spring School

Holiday learning at the new site - 9,10,11 April 9.15 - 12.15


Orion Film Daysmiley

On February 28 we will be starting 4 short films. This is part of the New Orion celebrations. Please come looking smart. We hope to get you the film package by the end of March.


Word Up Fest 2014surprise

From January 27 to the end of Marchtt


  • We try to read as many books as we can in 60 days


  • We enter the amazing story writing competition - Radio 2


  • We complete a writing doodle book


  • We enjoy World Book Day


  • We get better at talking in our “Talk a lot” sessions


Read for My School

Part of the Word Up Fest – all children in Y3 – Y6 will have a log in code. There are 100 books to read – all free! See their Champion Reader Cards


Website Launch – Friday 31 January

You found us! Hope you like this new website.


Orion Birthday 14 years old! – Friday 31 January

We have some fantastic activities going on


Champion Number – NEW Home Task

Every child needs to practise their times tables 3 times or more per week. Please go to the kid zone and find the maths games – your child needs to do 10 minutes or more and note it on their Champion Number Card!


Homework + Launched

If you want to help your child with some extra homework join our new scheme. Please hand your form into your child’s teacher.


New Orion School

The building will be ready on March 27. Orion children begin there in the summer term! Goldbeaters will join stay on the current site in Burnt Oak but will come up each week for sport and other sessions.


Goldstar Federation