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Coffee Mornings

All parents are welcome to come for a Friday morning coffee and breakfast in the school hall. There is always a short presentation (20 minutes). These include ways to really help support your child's learning at school, parenting advice and support and information about a wide range of things from safety to spellings and maths to mindfulness and more!


Why come in for a coffee morning?

  • meet other parents
  • chat to your friends
  • have breakfast (for free!)
  • celebrate that it is Friday
  • learn something new
  • feel involved and up to date
  • feel great


Friday mornings are always fun and very informal. Parents can bring their toddlers and babies. There is lots of time to ask questions, share experiences and find out first what is happening in school.

Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Carers, Aunties, Uncles and friends of the family are ALL welcome


Can't attend this week or working parents please have a look at what happened this week! 

Healthy Cooking Live! Orion and Goldbeaters Together - 23rd February

Thanks to Heather from ISS Catering and Theresa our wonderful kitchen manager for a fab coffee morning this morning. They prepared and demonstrated a recipe for Frittata - a budget, quick to cook and prepare and nutritious recipe to try at home. Heather answered parents questions about their children's diets and about portion size. She gave tips for healthy packed lunches and talked about what our children eat at school.

Thanks to Goldies parents for coming over this morning!

Click below for a printable recipe

Anxiety in Children  - Friday 19th January & Friday 2nd February

A fantastic turn out this morning (see below) to hear Sarah Konn (a psychological well-being advisor) talk about anxiety in our children, what it is and how it presents. In part 2 Sarah has presented some strategies to use to break a cycle of anxiety. Click on the presentation below to look again.

Learning to love reading - Friday 12th January 

This week we looked at how to foster a love of reading in your homes and how children acquire really positive attitudes towards reading. We talked about reading for pleasure and the education, economic and health and well-being impacts. Click on the presentation for some tips and ideas for your children.

Children in Need Coffee Morning - Friday 17th November


This week parents just had some fun for Children in Need. We learnt about the importance of Children in Need and why we always support it at The Orion. Parents did a getting to know you better activity and then practised with some Super Balls for their Do More Challenge this weekend. Thanks for coming in this morning and joining in with so much enthusiasm!

Memory Skills - Friday 10th November


This week we learnt a little about our memory and what can help us remember information. In school the children are developing methods for quicker thinking and trying lots of techniques to make their memory more effective. Have a go at the verbal and visual memory test with your children. How many things can you both remember?

Games - Friday 3rd November


This week the coffee morning presentation was to learn some fun and useful games you can play at home, on the bus or walking to school. Word games are a great way of developing general knowledge, quicker thinking, turn taking and having fun together as a family. Click on the presentation below to find out more

Physical Activity - Friday 13th October


Thanks to Miss Costin who gave a fantastic presentation this morning on physical activity and healthy eating. Parents joined in with some easy ideas that they can do at home to allow their children to burn off some energy and be fitter. There were some shocking facts about sugar too. Click here to find out.

Encouraging Talk - Friday 6th October


Thanks to Mr Ellis this week who gave a fantastic presentation on learning to talk, developing talk and encouraging talk with your children. Take a look at the slides below for some great advice.

Macmillan Coffee Morning - Friday 30th September


Orion parents played Bingo for Macmillan on Friday during our coffee morning.

Bingo alone raised £55.00. We have added it to all the other generous donations for Macmillan and in total raised £765

Thanks for being such fun and good sports!

Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September

Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 1
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 2
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 3
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 4
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 5
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 6
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 7
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 8
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 9
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 10
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 11
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 12
Macmillan Coffee Morning - 29th September 13

The Power of Praise - Friday 22nd September


Praising children develops their confidence and self esteem. Can Do Kids need great praise. Look at the presentation of the Power of Praise to find out how you can use praise really well.

The National Curriculum - Friday 15th September


Want to know more about what your child learns at school? Have a look at the slides below

Here are some older coffee morning presentations that might be helpful to you - click to download!





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